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The idea of winter can be lovely, right? We delight in the hush of a fresh snowfall, the beauty of sparkling white snow in the sunlight, more visible sunsets through the bare trees, and even the memories of winter activities like sledding and snowman building. Give me a hot cup of coffee and a fireplace any winter day, and it feels like a holiday!

But we all KNOW the realities of winter as well. Shoveling, icy parking lots, frostbite, and slow moving traffic. We spend time and money keeping the outside of our homes safe with snow removal and salt, and often assume the inside of our homes are already set for the winter because they are, well, naturally more warm.

We would be wise to consider ALL the ways we can avoid being cold in our homes by pro actively caring for them during the winter. We came up with a creative list and wanted to share with you!

  • Introduce humidity if you don’t have a humidifier. Room humidifiers, diffusers, tea kettles, and cooking pots of soup & stew all work to add a bit of temporary comfort during dry cold days. And then invest in a whole-house model for long term comfort. Adjust it throughout the season as needed.
  • Clean/replace your furnace air filter so it can operate efficiently.
  • Seal drafty windows with seasonal kits designed for that reason. Caulk where appropriate.
  • Roll up towels or rugs to place in front of exterior doors that allow a lot of air inside (like patio sliders or French doors). Just please be aware not to block emergency routes.
  • Consider the installation of tankless hot water heater if your home struggles to have enough warm water to meet your family’s needs.
  • Avoid space heaters or use them only very short term and when watched very closely.
  • Clean out any faucet aerators to allow maximum flow of hot water when needed.
  • If you have an attached garage, keep the exterior garage door closed whenever possible as all that cold air can rush into your home.
  • Extra layers of clothes can do wonders to keep you warm.
  • Evaluate air flow in your rooms and be sure vents and returns are not obstructed by furniture and curtains, etc. Eliminate dust build up in these areas. Perhaps a Home Comfort spring duct cleaning will help!
  • If you have a 90% furnace, keep the exterior PVC intake and exhaust pipes clear. Don’t pile snow up in front of these pipes.
  • Keep sink base cabinet doors and Whirpool access panels open during really cold days to allow warm air to circulate.
  • Install frost-free hose bibs (exterior spigots) in the spring and drain appropriately in the fall.
  • Keep wet and salty boots and shoes off of hardwood flooring for their protection.
  • Before using home fireplaces, make sure they have been maintained. If yes- enjoy!
  • When all else fails...jumping jacks will warm you up in a jiff. They really work. :)

Do you have creative ways to warm up? Share with us on our FB page! We would love to hear from you.

We're thinking of all our loyal customers this season, and wishing you warmth.
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