Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!


We all know the saying "April Showers bring May Flowers." Here at Home Comfort, we are just as hopeful as you that April will be less rainy than March. In Chicago, this sort of spring weather is not unusual. So we wanted to take a moment of your time to discuss "Flood Control." Flood Control can mean anything! When we talk about Flood Control, we are mostly referring to sewer and drain back-ups, likely in a basement.

These back-ups can be damaging, costly, and reoccurring. There are a few ways you can address such an issue. 

-The ultimate solution is the installation of overhead sewer systems, which require little to no maintenance. The overhead sewer systems do not rely on mechanicals. They can be a big undertaking to install, but the long-term payoff and peace of mind, for most homeowners, especially those who have gone through a significant flood and property loss, is worth it! A brand new overhead sewer system can save you thousands of dollars when it floods.

-Rodding your sewers, whether they are overhead or underground sewers, is always good practice to keep your sewer lines clear. When Home Comfort rods a sewer, we will also camera it to see the condition, identify a collapse or damage, and note any blockage.

-Did you know a window well blockage can also contribute to basement water entry? Water can collect in window wells that are full of debris or don't have proper drainage, and then enter directly through the window itself. How long has it been since your window wells were cleaned and the lids checked for damage?

-Sump Pumps, in our opinion, should always be installed as a pair. The reality is that pumps can fail, and your power can go out. So a solo sump pump, without a battery back-up system, is probably not reliable enough to offer the peace of mind you would like when it comes to rain and significant weather.

-Battery Back-Up Systems are crucial! Without one there will likely be trouble at some point in the future. We see that situation over and over again on service calls during inclement weather and heavy rains, and we are here to help point you in the right direction. The value of a great battery back-up system is more important than good quality sump pumps!

-Finally, adding drain tile could be a solution if you're experiencing severe seepage. It addresses a different type of water issue, and can add substantially to the value of your home.

We want you to feel comfortable and not to worry! If you're unsure about which solution is best for you- give us a call. We have a wide variety of solutions, products, resources, and experiences finding your best defense against water and the potential for flooding.
From premium alternating pump packages, to thoughtful plumbing, pipe replacement, and ejector pump recommendations, to routine maintenance packages for rodding, battery replacements, and even generator installation...we take a sensible, straight-forward approach to solving these issues for you.

Now get outside and enjoy the "May Flowers." But pack an umbrella...just in case! 

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