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It's 2019 you guys! This coming year, I know that we are ALL looking for effortless and automated assistance to manage our busy lives. I'm not sure how many of us manage without services like:
-Grocery Pick-Up: Hooray for not taking my toddlers into the store!
-Subscription Product Deliveries: Carrying massive boxes of diapers or paper towels to my car are a thing of the past!
-Ride Sharing: You can pick me up in two minutes?
-Parking Spot Reservation Apps: Downtown. I repeat, downtown! For a discount?! That's like winning the lottery.
-Managed Home Energy Services: I can save money on my heating and cooling while not at home. I can warm up my house on the way back... And I can turn off the lights my kids left on!
The options for time-saving systems are endless and growing. Please share your favorites with us, we would love to know.
At Home Comfort, we're not reinventing anything when it comes to automating the care of your home systems. We're simply asking you to SIGN-UP for a Comfort Plan if you haven't already, which covers both your heating and cooling equipment.
  • You get notified in advance of the Heating & Cooling season rush to get your equipment maintained.
  • You get discounts for being on the plan.
  • You get savings incentives if you need to repair equipment that is covered.
  • And you will ensure that you receive two visits by our fabulous team during your Comfort Plan, so you know you're taking the right steps to being on top of everything.
We know you have it in you to be on top of everything.
The first 10 NEW Comfort Plan Customers who sign up for a January 2019- January 2020 Comfort Plan after reading this e-mail will receive a $50 AMAZON gift card. Yep! Our gift to you.*



*Amazon e-gift cards will be emailed to you along with a paid receipt for your comfort plan if you are one of the lucky first to sign up in January. When gift cards run out, they are gone. It's that simple! Just mention this special offer.

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