condo_vector_gray Chicagoland Condomium Heating and Cooling Services

As a Chicago-area business, our service radius uniquely allows us access to well established suburban developments. We have a 20 years history of providing maintenance for multi-unit, multi-building condominium associations built between 1980-2000. The majority of these buildings still have original mechanical equipment. We know the equipment inside and out after caring for buildings frequently.

If you are a condo owner, then you own the heating and cooling system within your condo. When your HVAC system is not pulling its weight, then it's time for you to schedule a service or explore replacement. Unlike systems in a detached home, a condo building HVAC system has to perform at maximum efficiency to effectively cool or heat a large number of living spaces. These can be complicated systems. We have extensive knowledge about near North Chicagoland condos, and the various equipment used to heat and cool these spaces. 

Condo heating and cooling units need regular cleaning and maintenance to perform optimally. Owners of single family homes are only slightly more apt to recognize this, because they can see their A/C compressors when they walk outside in the yard every day. Without such a visual cue, we often find many condominium buildings with HVAC systems in need of attention. 

There are ways to coordinate your maintenance, and even replacement, to the benefit of you and your neighbors. 

  • Schedule a Clean & Check (preventative maintenance in the spring and fall) with us! Sometimes, when many owners are available on a certain day or on a pre-scheduled day, we can make adjustments to the cost of these visits. Group-buy discounts are wonderful! 
  • Sign-up for your personal Comfort Plan for savings. Home Comfort offers two types of Comfort Plans, and you can pick which best fits your home and budget.
  • Finally, ask about group install rates. Can you believe that if we can coordinate the replacement of aging equipment in off-season with multiple owners in your building you can save thousands of dollars? It's true. Ask us how! 

Some of the local Condo residences where we provide HVAC service and maintenance: 

  • Arbors of Morton Grove, Morton Grove
  • Buffalo Grove Town Center Condominiums, Buffalo Grove
  • Cumberland Crossing, Chicago
  • Eagle Point Condominiums, Niles 
  • Grove Manor Condos, Morton Grove 
  • Prairie House, Des Plaines
  • Stonegate Condominium, Des Plaines 
  • The Conservancy, Chicago
  • The Gallery, Park Ridge 
  • The Renaissance, Niles

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