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children wearing backpacks running down school hallway - home comfort Home?

We have home services for all the items that may fall on your to-do-list. As you gear up for a new school year, now is the time to put some thought behind your comfort goals for the year. You know there is at least one project that was put on hold so that summer fun could be enjoyed in its fullest. Time to get it done!


Humidity Can be So Uncomfortable!

You know that smell, right? The musty, stuffy, sticky smell of a basement or crawl space? That smell has a name, and it’s Humidity. Unfortunately, humidity and summer go hand-in-hand in the Midwest. Humidity can bother many of our senses. Discomfort is only one indicator that you have a humidity problem, though it is often the most apparent. Want to find out the other indications you have a humidity problem? You’ll be SHOCKED at how common many of these signs are…


Technology and Your Lifestyle

Technology and Your Lifestyle Streamlining. Subscribing. Alerting. Notifying. Speaking. Assisting…these are some of the many words used to describe the benefits of lifestyle technology, or smart home products today. Whether we want to admit it or not, the market and demand for home technology incorporation is just going to continue to grow. As consumers, we desire to see our homes and lives move from being “connected” to being “smart.” There is a difference


What's an Air Scrubber?!

Clean your indoor air AND your surfaces with Air Scrubber Plus! Air Scrubber Plus is "Certified Space Technology". It was developed in cooperation with NASA to create a safe atmosphere for astronauts on the International Space Station. And it's now available to be installed in homes and can do wonders for your air quality.


What a Generator Can Do For You

We will help you find the best generator for you based on your needs and budget. You can power up a few necessary appliances like your sump pumps or refrigerator all the way up to your entire house. We are the experts and we are here for you! Call us for more information or request an appointment (red button on home page). 847-COMFORT


Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!

We all know the saying "April Showers bring May Flowers." Here at Home Comfort, we are just as hopeful as you that April will be less rainy than March. In Chicago, this sort of spring weather is not unusual. So we wanted to take a moment of your time to discuss "Flood Control." Flood Control can mean anything!


Now That's COOL

Be COOL and get your AC clean-and -check marked off your to-do-list.

2017 Comfort Goals

2017 Comfort Goals

Home Comfort is pleased to highlight our Remodeling Services this winter. This time of year it's important to reflect on last year and set goals for the coming year. Maybe one of your goals is to tackle home organization? We have solutions and products for that. Maybe you want to update your bathroom to be mold free, clean, bright, and enjoyable. We have solutions and products for that!


Don't be left in the cold

Stop & Think About Heating Are you honestly comfortable in your home? Do you experience cool spots? Uneven heat? Dry air? Utility bills that are too high? Is it time to upgrade your heating system? Here is one EASY solution..... ComEd is now offering instant rebates on select smart thermostats. ​

Seasonal Tip-New Year

Seasonal Tip- New Year

Home Comfort for the Holidays...our latest Seasonal Tip is here! If you are not receiving these e-mail updates, be sure to sign-up! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Results: 13 Articles found.