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Warm Wishes!

Home Comfort's Office Holiday Hours are as follows: Christmas Eve: 7:00 am to 12:00 pm Christmas Day: CLOSED New Years Eve: 7:00 am to 2:00 pm New Year's Day: CLOSED Please remember you can take advantage of our EMERGENCY SERVICE anytime you need a technician to come to your home for a service call. 847-COMFORT


Pick Your Perfect Plan!

Did you hear the news? This is BIG! Home Comfort is now offering an upgraded Comfort Plan. There are two choices to pick from. Which is best? What are the differences? What are the costs? How do I decide? Read on!


Air is just air, isn't it?

Have you ever stopped to think about the air you breathe? Is this something you should even concern yourself with? Well, consider the following: -Indoor pollutants can be five times higher than outdoor pollutants. -87% of homeowners are unaware that pollution in their homes can be worse than outside. -Children inhale 50% more air per pound of body weight than adults, making them especially sensitive to air issues. What? {gasp} take a deep breath and read on...


Did you Hear? Niles Design District

Did you ever notice the number of home improvement businesses that exist in Niles, especially driving down the Milwaukee Ave corridor, near to our office? Yes? You're not alone! The city of Niles has worked hard to share about the amazing resources and business that exist as part of the exclusive Niles Design District, and Home Comfort is included. For good reason! Read on, and find the link to the other professionals you have to check out.


Yes! You Should have a Fall Clean & Check!

Every year at about this time, we start telling you to schedule a furnace tune-up. Always have. Always will. But what many other local HVAC companies fail to tell you is exactly why furnace maintenance is essential. Most homeowners know that a Clean & Check is recommended, but few people actually take it seriously. If you are one of those people who have been ignoring this suggestion, read on!


Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite

Do you do Nextdoor? The Nextdoor app lets you interact with your neighbors, discuss community news, and recommend local services and businesses...and that recommendation matters!


Freestanding Dehumidifier Recall

Do you happen to have and use a free-standing dehumidifier in your home? Many of these are sold under popular brand names...well they are being recalled for potential FIRE HAZARD! 5.6 million units identified by the CPSC...we have the list for you to check!


Beat the Heat with Emergency Service

Summer nights can heat up! What do you do when the unfortunate happens?


July AC Replacement Special

Through the end of July, we can offer special financing on certain American Standard equipment. NOW is the time to contact us if you are interested in replacement!


Who Are You Guys?

One of the things we are asked regularly is: "We see your trucks everywhere! Who are you guys?" We drive those blue trucks all around your neighborhood. Our logo is pretty recognizable. If you want to know the story of where the logo came from, who we are, and what services we offer where then please read on!

Results: 18 Articles found.