Operation Christmas Child


It's time for Operation Christmas Child!

The Holidays are coming. Not even COVID-19 can stop Santa. :) Nor should it stop us from being generous & kind; it's what the Home Comfort Team has always been known to be.
As a company, we like to accept packed "shoe boxes" to share some hope & joy with kids all over the world. These simple gifts make a big difference. It's really easy.
1. Grab a pre-printed shoebox from NEW FRONT ENTRY at the office, or any old shoe box & lid you have at home.
2. Designate the recipient to be a boy or girl, and the age range. 
3. Fill it with approved small items from the provided lists (a ball, some school supplies, bars of soap, a small stuffed animal, as a few examples...)
Many items needed can be grabbed at the grocery store, Walgreens, Amazon, or the Dollar Store, so no need to make extra trips out.
4. Bring it back HERE to Home Comfort by Friday, November 13th.
From here, these will get mailed all over the word. We'll handle the postage so you can focus on filling boxes. The more the merrier!
Get the kids or grandkids or neighbors involved. All our customers, friends, and family are welcome to join the fun!
Here are more resources to make it easy:


Thank you for participating!


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