Architectural Design Services

As the old saying goes, the tallest buildings have the strongest foundations. When it comes to considering a remodel of your living space, we often focus on choosing the perfect floorplan, tile, paint and fixtures. 

But just like that skyscraper, your project must also be on a firm footing.  Depending on the scope of your remodel or the changes that you are considering to your space, there sometimes is a need to bring in professional architect design services.     

Architects are specially trained professionals who are experts in building engineering, design and structural integrity/safety. Designers take your ideas and make them into reality and architects make sure that the walls, floors and roofing are structurally sound should any major changes be made to the living space.

For example, if the space between your living room and kitchen would look better without a wall that is currently dividing the two rooms, an architect could advise you ahead of time that the wall would need to stay in place because it’s holding up the two bedrooms upstairs.     

Here are some of the situations that can arise when you would want to hire an architectural design service professional to consult with you on your remodel project.

  • A structural evaluation is needed
  • Any changes to load-bearing walls or other critical building supports
  • Changes to foundations or basement walls
  • Adding a full addition to the house
  • Anytime the original structural design of the house is being changed
  • When zoning or occupancy changes are required
  • Significant exterior alterations
  • Additions in excess of a certain square footage         

When any of these kinds of living space changes are considered, it is best to make sure a qualified architect approves the project before construction begins. These professionals can sign off on already existing plan designs or in many cases, they can be hired to draft up their own blue prints for you. It’s also important to bear in mind that sometimes cities or towns require plan drafts to be approved/stamped before a building permit can be issued.        

Home Comfort is your one stop solution for all your remodeling needs. We have great partnerships with local architectural firms and can arrange a consultation for you if needed. We will work closely with you and the architect to make sure that all project plans result in a wonderful remodel to your living space. We want our customers to have the peace of mind that Home Comfort can manage your project from start to finish. Let us help you determine whether the vision you have for your remodel will require the services of a professional architect.