Spring cleaning for your AIR!


Thanks for checking out our SPRING CLEANING TIPS for your air quality. It's more important than adding a little sparkle to your home. This spring cleaning is all about health & wellness.

Without further ado...take a moment to DO the following:


  1. Change your air filters.
  2. Replace the batteries in smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors twice a year: daylight savings time is a good idea. (THIS PAST WEEKEND. BINGO!) Also, dust or vacuum the detectors while you’re at it.
  3. Wipe down all return air vents. Use vacuum and a cloth. Slide a clean rag over a butter knife or letter opener to get in between the grills.
  4. Clean floor registers. Remove by unscrewing. Clean in warm soapy water. Allow to dry thoroughly and put back on.
  5. Schedule air duct cleaning. 847-COMFORT for pricing!
  6. Schedule an AC tune-up. 847-COMFORT to pick your date! Along with an overall system operation & safety check, a technician checks & cleans fins of the outdoor condenser, and  removes debris.
  7. Clean windows from the inside. Lots of dust can settle on blinds, curtains and windows when unopened or infrequently touched during cold months while windows remain shut.
  8. Clean your bathroom fans. Take the cover off, clean it in warm soapy water. Clean dirt off the fan blades with a small brush. (Be sure power is off!)
  9. Clean dryer ducts. This one will require some step-by-step instructions: Google it or contact an appliance specialist.
  10. Clean any kitchen vent hood filters of grease & grime. Spring is even a good time to clean your oven. All gas-burning appliances need to be cleaned and checked.


  1. Clean up debris around exhaust pipes outside, window wells and window well covers, gutters & all downspouts.
  2. Remove plants that will grow tall around your AC condenser. Check the type of plant regarding best time of year to relocate. At the very least, trim them if they are long and can disturb airflow.
  3. Clean windows from the outside. Springtime looks so nice through clean windows. :)

Do you have a favorite Spring Cleaning trick to share? Let us know on FB or Instagram. We'd love to feature your suggestion!

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