Summer A/C Financing Special


If you're hoping your outdated A/C will hang on through this summer, consider a replacement. Swap it out for an A/C that works. That’s how it should be.

Let’s get you a new A/C now so you can benefit from manufacturer savings that only come around every so often.

Find out how you can qualify for a low 0% APR or instant $ rebates!

If a technician or HVAC professional has made a recommendation for replacement in the past, then let’s talk. The long term goal is saving you money and improved efficiency. Your comfort is most important to us and we always want to educate you on your best options for each and every unique circumstance.

  • If your aging equipment needs frequent repairs, chances are you will have to keep investing.
  • If your A/C has a leak, a tech will let you know. Finding and repairing a leak can be very costly. R22 is no longer being produced! 
  • We cannot emphasize enough the value of regular maintenance to prevent common issues that can become substantial.

The bottom line is simple: your A/C should not just work, but work well. There are so many great options for systems for replacement; all you need to do is ask us today and find out about these amazing incentives. Stay cool this summer with Home Comfort.


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