Technology and Your Lifestyle


Technology and Your Lifestyle

Streamlining. Subscribing. Alerting. Notifying. Speaking. Assisting…these are some of the many words used to describe the benefits of lifestyle technology, or smart home products today.  Whether we want to admit it or not, the market and demand for home technology incorporation is just going to continue to grow. As consumers, we desire to see our homes and lives move from being “connected” to being “smart.” There is a difference.  Eric Free, the VP of Smart Homes & Buildings for tech company Intel has said, “For the emerging smart-home market to succeed, it needs to conquer a lot of issues: connectivity, interoperability, user interaction, killer apps and security.” Consumers are looking for practical ways to incorporate the correct hardware, software, and cloud capability to make this happen.  According to a Houzz survey in 2017, 1 in 4 homeowners in suburban markets are already incorporating a voice-controlled Home Assistant platform in their remodels. That number is likely to climb, fast.

What’s more interesting?


All home manufacturing segments are getting in on the trend!  Beyond the ability to monitor your home security from a mobile devise or platform, you can additionally have video footage of your front door, taken from a doorbell camera, in real-time on your device. What if you are not home and you needed to let a tradesman in to complete an emergency repair? Imagine a system where only certain people would be allowed access through facial recognition software? Or temporarily issued ID codes could be instantly provided to you for distribution to certain people? It’s happening!

Smart Security
Smart security and safety upgrades have always been the leading motivation for incorporating technology, but that may be changing too.  Entertainment, of course, is a driving factor in connectivity as well. This same Houzz survey noted that 56% of those remodeling in urban markets are incorporating wireless and Bluetooth components in their product selections. Surveys are also showing the desired expectation for heating and cooling systems that can monitor and predict usage, which equates to energy savings and cost savings. Tankless water heaters, generators, and sump pumps are now commonly app-controlled, to save you money and in many cases, notify you of significant malfunctions, before they become significant.

ChartNo Longer In the Dark
Lighting automation continues to climb in popularity as well. Light-bulbs and fixtures that are voice 

controlled to adjust through pre-programmed with unique-to-your-lifestyle scenes (think: “Movie Night” vs. “Homework Night” in a great room setting) just make sense. Why touch a light switch when you can have intelligent timers ready to work for you?  What about appliances? Of course they can play along too. Touch screens on refrigerators are now just the tip of the iceberg. And some of the newest product trends: plumbing fixtures. Kohler will be launching a platform this year to work in conjunction with many popular home assist technologies to offer automation on light-up medicine cabinets, toilets, digital shower systems, and kitchen faucets. Imagine walking up to your kitchen faucet with your cooking pot in the middle of the dinnertime rush and being able to say “fill for rice” and the exact two cups of water is dispensed immediately? It’s almost as good as not having to make the rice at all. Almost! 

If these ideas get you excited, or you dream about finding unique and efficient ways to use technology in your home remodel, please don’t hesitate to call us. No product or service is perfect for everyone. But we believe there are some that are perfect solutions for your home. We will help you sort it all out! It doesn’t have to feel like the Jetson era. But you might have to make your own rice…unless you call for takeout.


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