What a Generator Can Do For You


Home Comfort can provide both the plumbing and electrical services necessary to install a whole house generator.  We work with all local municipalities to properly apply for permit, install to code, and handle any ordinance issues.  Our technicians are licensed to complete such a critical and necessary professional installation of a product that adds so much peace of mind to a homeowner during a power outage.  

No need to be home, the Honeywell generators turn on automatically after 7 seconds of a power outage and turn off automatically once power resumes.
Talk about hassle free and peace of mind.You receive mobile alerts and the system self checks weekly to guarantee performance.In addition to our 24/7 service, Honeywell has a 24/7/365 support team available.

Honeywell generators are engineered and built in the USA and have a 5 year warranty.They have a best in class power quality which ensures smooth operation for sensitive electronics.

We will help you find the best generator for you based on your needs and budget. You can power up a few necessary appliances like your sump pumps or refrigerator all the way up to your entire house.

We are the experts and we are here for you! Call us for more information or request an appointment (red button on home page).

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