What's an Air Scrubber?!


Cleans indoor air & surfaces with Air Scrubber Plus!

Air Scrubber Plus uses "Certified Space Technology". It's an air purification product that uses a variation of technology originally developed in cooperation with NASA for use on the International Space Station!

The Benefits of Air Scrubbers

Air Scrubber Plus is proven to destroy up to 99% of all surface contaminants. It purifies and cleans the air you breathe by reducing approximately 90% of airborne contaminants. It significantly reduces dust, pet dander and odors in your home.  Air Scrubber Plus also reduces irritating particles that can cause allergy symptoms. The EPA ranks indoor air pollution among the top five environmental health risks, and it's great to know you can do something about that.

Air Scrubber Plus is an easy installation onto your existing ductwork. Call for more information.

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