Palatine Heating and Cooling Services

Residents of Palatine, thank you for stopping by. Home Comfort is proud to provide you with the best heating and cooling services available in your neighborhood.

Efficient heating and cooling in Palatine, IL is essential. We're here to keep your home warm and cozy through the long, cold winters the Chicagoland area is known for. We'll also ensure you have cool air to relax in throughout every blazing hot summer.

We're very familiar with Cook County, and serve many of your neighbors in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Palatine is a pleasure to work and live in; it's a safe neighborhood with good schools, and comfortable homes serviced by our HVAC team! With our office based in Niles, we're just a 25-minute drive from your home, and can stop by for maintenance services, repairs and replacements in no-time. We even offer 24/hour urgent services for when you need us the most.

Read on to learn more about our services for efficient heating and cooling in Palatine, IL.

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Furnace Repair Services Palatine, IL

There's plenty to love about the winter months: the first snowfall, holiday lights, and curling up mount-prospect-heating-cooling by the fire. Having a well-heated home is part of that dream, and can easily be achieved with our Palatine team by your side.

We are here for maintenance, repairs and replacements to keep your home and place of business warm. Our residential, commercial and condominium heating services cover the following units and more:

  • Furnace repair and replacement
  • Maintenance of humidifiers
  • Heating systems zoning maintenance
  • Gas leaks repair
  • Radiant floor heaters repair
  • Radiators maintenance and replacement
  • Snow melt systems replacement

Heaters Installation

  • Furnace installation and replacement
  • Boiler replacement and installation
  • Improvement of indoor air quality (filtration)
  • Humidifiers installation
  • HVAC controls & programmable thermostats installation
  • Heating systems zoning installation
  • Radiant floor heating installation
  • Electric heaters installation
  • Garage heaters installation
  • Snow melt systems installation

Chimney liners installation

With valuable knowledge of a variety of heating systems, our services go far beyond the list above.


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Air Conditioning Maintenance Services in Palatine, IL

Summer in Chicagoland is stunning. With beaches nearby and bright sunny days galore, June through September are long-awaited months for many families in Palatine.

After having fun in the sun, we all enjoy returning to a cool, air conditioned home. We’re here to keep your home at the perfect temperature year-round, with the following cooling services and more:

  • Air conditioning repair and replacement
  • Improved indoor air quality (filtration services)
  • Ductless A/C systems maintenance
  • SpacePak and Unico systems repair
  • Dehumidification services
  • Programmable thermostat repair
  • Cooling systems zoning maintenance


Air Conditioning Installation

  • Air conditioning installation
  • Improving indoor air quality (filtration services)
  • Ductless A/C systems installation
  • SpacePak and Unico systems installation
  • Dehumidification services
  • Programmable thermostat replacement
  • Cooling systems zoning installation
  • Fan installation

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We’re dedicated to serving you, with a highly skilled, well-equipped team and excellent customer service. Just ask the 270+ customers who gave us a 5-star rating on Google for HVAC in Palatine IL and across Chicagoland. We can’t wait to make you one of our happy customers.

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HVAC Palatine Comfort Plans

We're here for regular maintenance checks and cleanings. Talk to us about our Comfort Plans to help you stay on top of maintenance. Our programs provide priority scheduling and savings, and keep your HVAC systems working efficiently for longer with bi-annual visits from our team. We can also complete simple or complex repairs, in addition to installing new parts and state-of-the-art units. Contact us today for better heating and cooling in Palatine and across Chicagoland.

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