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Why wait until it gets HOT?

  • Clean Air Conditioner
  • Clean Air Filter
  • Clean Coil
  • Clean Ductwork

Our Comfort Plans provide peace of mind throughout each season.

Seasonal Tip:

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Making your home more comfortable!


Welcome Summer!

Now that it's June and school is ending, think warm thoughts! Hire our local professionals to tackle your AC check now. This really isn't a DIY kind of task. Do you know how to measure suction line pressure, replace separator elements if required, inspect belts and sheaves and perform a cooler blowout? Most of us don't, and that's okay. But our techs do. :)

Seasonal maintenance is a "Clean and Check" on each piece of equipment you elect to have us maintain. With a Comfort Plan you have access to discounts on repairs for each piece of covered equipment if needed at a later time. It really does so much to prolong the life of your home's most important comfort systems.


Comfort Plans

Home Comfort's Comfort Plans save you money and time. Who doesn't love that? We discount the maintenance and also give you a repair discount throughout the year on your covered equipment. We even call you to schedule seasonally.

  • Prevent Emergencies
  • Keep your Energy Expenses in Check
  • Maintain Manufacturer Warranties
  • Increase Equipment Efficiency
  • Have a Trusted Service Partner!


air scrubber plus

Clean your indoor air AND your surfaces with Air Scrubber Plus!

Air Scrubber Plus is proven to destroy up to 99% of all surface contaminants! It purifies and cleans the air you breathe by reducing approximately 90% of airborne contaminants. It significantly reduces dust, pet dander and odors in your home.  Air Scrubber Plus also reduces irritating particles that can cause SPRING allergy symptoms. It is an easy installation onto your existing ductwork. Ask for more information.


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