Why Is My Air Conditioning Loud Or Clicking? Explained
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Clicking & Other Loud AC Sounds Explained

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In the northwest Chicagoland area, where summers can reach well above 80 degrees, your AC is tasked with keeping your home cool and comfortable. After years of putting in all that work, you’re starting to hear a clicking noise. But what does it mean? Why now?

These aren’t your everyday background noises, from strange clicks to mysterious buzzes. They’re potential warning signs. In this blog, you’ll learn everything you need about the weird clicking noises coming from your AC and what other sounds mean.

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Why Is My Air Conditioner Making Clicking Sounds?

If your AC makes a repeated clicking sound, there are a few possible culprits.

  • Faulty contactor: The contactor turns the AC’s compressor on and off. A faulty contactor that is sticking and releasing can create a clicking noise.
  • Refrigerant leak: Low refrigerant levels can cause AC unit parts to click on and off rapidly.
  • Compressor issues: If the compressor is failing or there’s damage to its internal parts, clicking noises may occur.
  • Bad capacitor: The capacitor boosts power to start the compressor. A worn-out capacitor could lead to clicking sounds as the compressor struggles to turn on.
  • Fan motor bearing wear & tear: If the fan motor bearings are worn out, they can make the blades wobble, causing them to click against the surrounding housing.

While the occasional clicking noises may not be a big deal, consistent clicking sounds mean your AC needs professional attention.

Other Loud Noises & What They Mean

Clicks aren’t the only odd sound your AC might make. Here are some other everyday air conditioner noises and what they mean:

  • Hissing: You’ll want to pay close attention to this as it can mean a refrigerant leak. Not only is refrigerant necessary for your AC to do its job, but it’s also dangerous to handle without the proper know-how.
  • Buzzing: A loose or damaged electrical component, a dirty condenser coil, or even an insect trapped inside the unit can cause this particular sound from your AC.
  • Screeching: Arguably one of the worst sounds your AC can make, this one can be due to a worn-out fan belt needing replacing.
  • Knocking or banging: These noises can be caused by a loose or broken part, like a fan blade or motor mount.
  • Rattling: Debris, a loose screw, or a part that’s come undone can easily cause rattling noises. While these aren’t too concerning, if this noise is left unresolved, it could further damage your AC.

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